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Pokémon Labyrinth board game is now available at Amazon

Nowhere near as confusing as Mt. Moon.

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Attempt to escape a twisting maze filled with iconic Pokémon in Pokémon Labyrinth, now available at Amazon.

Pokémon Labyrinth is a board game for kids that sees two to four players navigating their way around a maze in order to find the exit. Players will be looking to capture beloved Pokémon - including Pikachu; Bulbasaur; Charmander and Squirtle - and must take turns to physically move the various walls within the maze in order to open up the way forward. As they make their way through the winding passages, players will be looking to collect the Pokémon found in their hand of cards, which they must keep secret from the other players.

Pokémon Labyrinth layout

Throughout the family board game, players will be looking to move the walls in the labyrinth to make pathways for themselves to collect Pokémon, whilst being sure to seal the way ahead for their rivals. The first player to gather all of the Pokémon found on their cards and make their way to their homespace is the winner of the game.

Labyrinth was originally released in 1986 as The Amazing Labyrinth, with the game challenging its players to slide the rows that fit between the solid tiles affixed to the board in order to make a pathway through the maze. In the game, players must make their way through the hallways towards the various treasures hidden within, being sure to avoid the bestiary of monsters and creatures awaiting them. Whichever player manages to collect all of their treasures and makes it to their homespace first is the winner.

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Pokémon Labyrinth is being published by Ravensburger, the studio behind the original Labyrinth alongside tabletop titles such as Puerto Rico - a board game about being managing shipping empires on the island of Puerto Rico - the French Medieval themed board game The Castles of Burgundy and Disney Villainous, a Disney themed board game that has players becoming iconic baddies from the studio’s catalogue of films.

Pokémon Labyrinth is available at Amazon US right now for $34.99 and Amazon UK for £25.

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