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Pokémon TCG’s Scarlet & Violet 151 set revives nostalgic holofoil card treatment

Nostalgia never looked so shiny.

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game’s upcoming Scarlet & Violet 151 set is already promising players a trip down memory lane by reprinting the original generation of critters, but a new report hints at the return of a foil treatment that established the iconic look of those first trading cards.

A blog post from enthusiast website PokéBeach claims that the Basic Energy cards from the reprinted set have been photographed in the wild and show off what’s known as a Galaxy Holofoil treatment. This is notable to lifelong fans as its the same foil finish applied to the original Base set, Fossil set and all those other boxes that have been selling for eye-watering amounts at auction for the past three years. Incidentally, Wizards of the Coast used the same treatment on the land cards in the mostly non-legal Unfinity set to fit its overt space theming.

In fact, the Pokémon TCG used the bubbly, sparkly gloss on foil up through 2011, only reappearing on the odd promotional card but not in a full set or major expansion. Now, all eight Basic Energy cards will purportedly sport the callback glitter look. It’s not yet known if the same finish will appear on Pokémon, items and other support cards, as well. The Pokémon Company, which publishes the TCG, did not say whether the foil Energy Cards will appear in a specific printing slot or be generally mixed amongst the rest.

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Pokémon’s Scarlet & Violet 151 travels back to the Kanto region and the very beginning of the TCG by repackaging the original card designs with all-new artwork on every battle buddy - including Kadabra. Recently released from litigious purgatory by magician Uri Gellar, Kadabra’s appearance in this special expansion will mark the first printing in nearly 20 years.

Like other special expansions, Scarlet & Violet 151 won’t be available as single booster packs but instead purchasable as trainer boxes, themed tins and other curated collections. It’s specific numbering system that apparently follows the National Pokédex scheme (putting Bulbasaur as #001 and Mew as #151).

Scarlet & Violet 151 is expected to hit retail on September 22nd and will almost assuredly be a popular set amongst older fans and collectors, both.

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