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Resident Evil 3: The Board Game’s $100 retail edition has a release date

Hitting shops in October alongside first expansion City of Ruin.

The board game adaptation of horror video game Resident Evil 3 will arrive in shops in time for Halloween, publisher Steamforged Games has announced.

The second board game based on the long-running Capcom horror series to emerge from Steamforged - after its tabletop adaptation of Resident Evil 2 - Resident Evil 3: The Board Game was Kickstarted in spring 2020 to the tune of £865,698 ($1.2m).

The Resident Evil 3 board game draws inspiration from the original 1999 PlayStation game, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, rather than last year’s remake for modern platforms.

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Up to four players control characters including series mainstay Jill Valentine and merc Carlos Oliveira in a number of dungeon-crawler-style scenarios based on moments from the video game. As they explore the map and collect items, players will encounter various zombie enemies - such as undead dogs and the insectoid Drain Deimos - as well as having to deal with the pursuing Nemesis on their tail.

Scenarios can be tackled as standalone missions or strung into a connected campaign, with players’ decisions having an impact on future sessions. Steamforged claims the campaign can take players over 19 hours to see in full.

Gameplay is powered by the same system as Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, with a tension deck throwing up random events and increasing the number of enemies that spawn the longer players’ characters stick around in the streets of Raccoon City. Both Resident Evil board games were designed by Sherwin Matthews, who also worked on Steamforged’s adaptation of PS4 and PC video game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game will be released in stores on October 21st, with a price tag of £94.99/$99.95. The version arriving at retail will be different from the Kickstarter Edition sent to backers of the crowdfunding campaign earlier this year.

The first expansion for the game, City of Ruin, will follow on October 29th. The set adds nine extra scenarios, additional locations - including the City Hospital, City Park and Dead Factory - and new enemies, including the Nemesis Stage 3 and Adult Grave Digger bosses. The set, which was included in the Kickstarter’s £205 All-In pledge, will cost £54.99/$64.95 in shops.

Further expansions are planned, with Steamforged yet to announce release dates or prices for future releases. The publisher recently teased a board game based on the first Resident Evil, which should see a Kickstarter launch this autumn.

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