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Shadowrun bundle lets you get started with the classic science-fantasy RPG for under $8

Includes a collection of fiction set in the universe.

A Shadowrun: Sixth World bundle is offering the beginner box for the sixth edition of the beloved sci-fi roleplaying game for under $8, along with the RPG’s core rulebook and a collection of fiction set in its seminal science-fantasy setting.

First released in the late 1980s, Shadowrun has gone on to become one of the most influential tabletop games of all time, with six editions of the RPG itself - the latest, Sixth World, released in 2019 - as well as numerous spin-offs spanning card games, video games and miniatures.

The latest Bundle of Holding offers the beginner box for Shadowrun: Sixth World in digital form for $7.95. The starter set includes quickstart rules for the updated 6E system, as well as primers on Shadowrun’s setting - which blends together magical fantasy and cyberpunk science-fiction - and various supplementary materials, such as reference cards, pre-generated character dossiers and a map.

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A Battle Royale adventure is also included in the bundle, along with four anthologies of fiction set in the world of Shadowrun - Spells and Chrome, Sprawl Stories, World of Shadows, and Drawing Destiny - that collectively include dozens of stories across almost 1,300 pages.

For more than the threshold price - $16.89 at the time of writing - you can add the full core rulebook PDF for Shadowrun: Sixth World to your collection, along with seven novels based in the latest timeline of the RPG. Chaser, The Frame Job - Complete, The Johnson Run, Makeda Red, Shaken, Tower of the Scorpion and Undershadows all take place during Sixth World’s advanced timeline, after the RPG progressed the world to the year 2080. The higher tier also includes a short story, Adversary, that includes stats for the RPG, allowing players to include elements of the tale in their campaign.

All together, the Shadowrun Bundle of Holding is said to be worth over $75, with the deal running until September 13th. 10% of proceeds will go towards charity Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

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