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Play Shadowrun TRPG for less than £15 with Humble Bundle

Mash some Megacorps.

Begin playing the Shadowrun tabletop roleplaying game for less than £15 with a new Humble Bundle.

The Shadowrun TTRPG Book Bundle features a collection of digital books released for the tabletop RPG at a discounted price, including the core rulebook for the most recent Sixth Edition.

For less than £1 ($1), players and game masters can unlock two books designed to be used with Shadowrun, Ingentis Athletes and Age of Rust. Ingentis Athletes features a collection of characters based on retired athletes that players can control or GMs can use as non-player-characters in their campaigns, with a selection of potential plot hooks for players to pursue and a new category of character type for them to use – troll variants. Age of Rust contains information on playing campaigns and one-shots that are themed around UCAS – or the United States and Canada – which is now a shadow of its former self.

Some artwork from the Shadowrun 6th Edition core rulebook featuring some characters sat around a table.

By paying £8.22 ($10), access to several more books can be unlocked, including the two included in the previous tier. Collapsing Now is a book that offers details on the ten major organisations present in the Shadowrun setting, the Sixth World, with players able to encounter and even join these groups throughout the course of the game.

An adventure called Free Seattle is also included in the second tier, providing players with a storyline that takes them to the US city with all its unusual characters and potential for profit or bust. In Slip Streams, players can experience a book that advances the main plotline for the Sixth Edition of Shadowrun, with plenty of drama involved.

The last tier - which also features all the books found in the previous two tiers – will cost buyers £14.79 ($17.72) and features the most important book for new players of Shadowrun, the Sixth Edition core rulebook. By having a copy of the 6E core rulebook, players will be able to plan, run and play Shadowrun Sixth World, using all the information found within to create their characters, play the game and organise campaigns and/or one-shot adventures.

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Featured alongside the 6E core rulebook are a collection of supplementary books such as No Future, a book that includes information about the cultures found in the Sixth World, a campaign book called Cutting Black, the core magic book released for Shadowrun 6E – Street Wyrd – another campaign book called Assassins Night and several other additional books.

Shadowrun is a sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game that was first published FASA in 1989, before being picked up by its current publisher Catalyst Game Labs. The game sees players stepping into an alternative future in which magic began appearing alongside speculative technology, resulting in elves and dwarves existing alongside electricity and mega cities. Players in the game become shadowrunners, people who are hired to do the dirty work of others such as the megacorporations that currently control much of the remaining world.

The Shadowrun TTRPG Book Bundle is live until August 4th, with buyers able to donate any amount of their payment to a charity of their choice.

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