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The Captain is Dead’s digital version gets a new PC release date

Blasting off again.

The digital version of The Captain is Dead - an interstellar game about surviving an alien encounter - has finally been given a release date for early next year.

The PC version of The Captain is Dead was originally announced earlier this year, before the game’s publisher and developer Thunderbox Entertainment delayed its release until further notice. The Captain is Dead’s digital app is now set to be released on February 1st 2021.

Like its board game counterpart, the digital version of The Captain is Dead sees players working together to ensure their survival whilst being assaulted by an aggressive enemy ship. Out in the far reaches of space, the players must coordinate their unique abilities - with each crewmember specialising in a different aspect of the ship - to prevent their vessel from being destroyed and their foes from boarding.

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The digital board game has a single-player game mode, as well as local multiplayer. There is currently no confirmation as to whether there will be an online multiplayer mode.

The original tabletop version of The Captain is Dead is a co-op game for two to seven players where the game board is split into the different areas of the spaceship. Each round, players take turns to perform tasks to help keep their vessel running and hold back the alien invasion on their doorstep. However, players only have a limited amount of actions per turn, and so must choose wisely if they want to survive.

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Thunderbox Entertainment is also the studio behind the digital version of the board game Tsuro - a game that sees players attempting to keep their token on the board for as long as possible, by laying down tiles showing various possible paths - as well as the VR edition of the video game.

A demo for The Captain is Dead is currently available to download for free on PC. The retail price for the video game is yet to be confirmed.

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