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Skyrim board game will have “hundreds of hours of gameplay” across multiple campaigns

Play from Morndas to Sundas.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game will apparently contain “literally hundreds of hours of gameplay” spread amongst two campaigns.

In a post on the upcoming tabletop title’s Gamefound campaign page, further details about the Skyrim board game were unveiled - including the fact that players will be able experience the game in two campaigns each containing three chapters. According to Modiphius - the publisher behind the game - these six chapters can amount to hundreds of hours of gameplay in which players will be able to make decisions that will have lasting effects on the board game’s story. Some of these choices may even alter whether players will even get to experience certain events or questlines during their current playthrough.

“The decisions the players make from their first turn have a distinct effect on the unfolding story and encounters, making the whole campaign experience different every time you play,” said Modiphius.

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At the beginning of the Skyrim board game, players will have the option to choose between distinct character types such as the feline Khajiit or north-dwelling Nords, as well as the kind of equipment, skills and spells they’ll wield. As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to retain their existing character elements and use them for their next session, thanks to the tabletop title’s saving system. Player choices will also be accounted for, as “the face of Skyrim can change during the game”, meaning that their later experiences will be affected by their previous actions.

In the co-op game, players become a band of heroes embarking on a series of quests across the region of Skyrim, alongside completing any side quests they might discover along the way. Players can expect to fight the likes of dragons, daedra - or demons - and trolls as they explore underground ruins, abandoned tombs and Dwemer cities to complete quests or discover treasures. Throughout the game, players will need to make sure to protect the local holds from monsters and other threats, balancing adventuring with their duties as a hero.

Besides The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game, Modiphius is the publisher responsible for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures game, as well as the Dishonored roleplaying game and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, a skirmish game set in the world of the post-apocalyptic video game series.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a video game that was developed and published by Bethesda - also the studio behind several of the Fallout and Dishonored video games - in 2011. In the game, players become the Dragonborn who is fated to defeat the invading draconic forces and save the region of Skyrim from their wrath. Players are able to create their own character and pursue a wide variety of quests, as well as explore the land at their whim.

Last month, Chip Theory Games - the company responsible for the board game Too Many Bones - released an image that’s commonly associated with The Elder Scrolls Online, a MMORPG that is also published by Bethesda alongside Zenimax Online. There are currently no details regarding what the image could be signifying, with more information to be revealed sometime next year.

The Gamefound campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game is set to be launched sometime this month, with a final date yet to be confirmed.

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