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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game is launching on Gamefound November 2nd

Tabletop Simulator demo coming.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game will launch on fundraising platform Gamefound on November 2nd.

In an update on the Gamefound project page for the tabletop title, it was confirmed that Skyrim - The Board Game will be open for pledges from early next month. Players who back at launch will apparently get access to a demo of the game on Tabletop Simulator, a digital platform that enables players to interact with a virtual version of a physical tabletop game. The recent update also revealed that pledges for Skyrim - The Board Game will start at £68 ($95) and launch backers will be included in the first wave of shipping for the tabletop title.

Additional details around the gameplay mechanics for Skyrim - The Board Game were featured in the project update, including the fact that players will be drawing event cards on their turn that can introduce exciting opportunities - such as gaining a new ally through a test of strength - or brand new threats to face. Players will also be able to chain their quest cards together to try for bigger rewards.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board Game was initially announced in February 2021, with more details surrounding the video game board game being revealed via an update on the title’s Gamefound page this summer. Based on the fifth entry of the beloved video game RPG franchise published by Bethesda - in which players become the legendary Dragonborn hero in a fantasy world populated by warring factions, magic and monsters - the Skyrim board game will have one to four players exploring a frozen province in search of fame and fortune.

Split into two separate campaigns, each containing three chapters, Skyrim - The Board Game will provide players with the opportunity to experience various questlines and events inspired by the video game, as well as make decisions that will alter the current campaign. Though the Skyrim board game will be a co-op game, players are allowed to pursue their own quests for treasure and glory, with the rewards going to whoever completes the required objectives first. Players can also choose to perform selfless acts such as defending holds from monsters or embarking on sidequests for specific characters they meet along the way.

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Modiphius, the studio responsible for releasing several licensed tabletop roleplaying games such as the Dishonored and Dune RPGs, is set to publish The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Board game, having previously released other titles based on Bethesda video games including two skirmish titles - The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Besides Modiphius, Chip Theory Games - the company best known for publishing Too Many Bones - is also set to release a board game based on The Elder Scrolls video game series, with the upcoming title being first announced in May. According to ex-Chip Theory Games studio manager, Andrew Navaro, The Elder Scrolls inspired board game will be based on the series as a whole rather than any specific entry, with a release date for the title yet to be confirmed.

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