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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game’s Lost Realm and Angmar Awakened reimagined

Featuring the Dúnedain warrior himself, Aragorn.

Two classic cycles for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game are being reimagined in a new set of expansions.

The Lost Realm and Angmar Awakened cycles are being repackaged into a duo of expansions for the living card game. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion and Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion will feature content from the original cycles, separated into two different expansions, with one focusing on the playable characters and the other on the various scenarios that players can experience.

Whilst the Hero Expansion will only contain content already found in the original Angmar Awakened and The Lost Realm cycles, the Campaign Expansion will feature some entirely new scenarios. Both expansions will require players have a copy of either the original core set or the recently released Revised Core Set for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - Angmar Awakened campaign cards

The Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion will include the various cards players need to build character decks, with two heroes for each of the co-op game’s four spheres. One of the heroes featured in the expansion is the Dúnedain warrior Aragorn – also known as Ranger – as well as Halbarad, Erestor and Arwen Undómiel herself. Alongside the characters, players will have access to helpful allies and items such as the Guardian of Arnor, the Star Brooch and Expert Trackers. Certain ally cards, such as the Ranger in the North, are not placed in player decks but are instead included in the encounter deck and have a chance of being drawn instead of a nasty scenario. Players will also be able to pursue side quest cards that can offer rewards when completed.

In the Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion, players will find a storyline built from the original The Lost Realm and Angmar Awakened cycles. In the expansion, players will be initially aiding the Dúnedain in hunting some roaming orcs, before things start to escalate further beyond anyone expected. Eventually, players will be going up against entire war parties of orcs and wraiths, until experiencing a final showdown in the capital of Angmar. Whilst the side quest cards in the Hero Expansion offer nice optional incentives for players, the side quest cards in the Campaign Expansion will result in something bad if they’re not dealt with – drastically changing the motivation behind completing them.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a living card game – meaning that the releases are not randomised and feature exactly the same cards in every copy – that has players becoming the heroes in various plotlines themed around JRR Tolkien’s world. Each player will be able to craft their own decks designed around particular gameplay mechanics and dealing with different threats, with players needing to overcome each encounter card in order to further the plot.

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Fantasy Flight Games is the studio behind The lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion and Campaign Expansion, with the company’s other releases including the horror board game Eldritch Horror and the unique deck game Keyforge.

The Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion is set to launch on June 17th at a retail price of $45 (£34), whilst the Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion will release on July 22nd for $60 (£45).

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