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Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is getting starter decks based on the peoples of Middle-earth

From the Riders of Rohan to the Elves of Lórien.

The peoples of Middle-earth are represented in a series of new starter decks for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Designed to help beginner players learn to play the living card game, the starter decks for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game are each based on a different nation found across Middle-earth. By having one of the four new starter decks, players can begin playing The Lord of the Rings LCG - as long as they have access to a copy of the core set - without deckbuilding and can alter their pre-built decks using several of the additional cards included. Players can expect to see many beloved characters from Tolkien’s book series in the starter decks, such as Boromir; Galadriel; Ori and Eomer.

Whilst the Dwarves of Durin starter deck is built around the gameplay mechanic of deck delving - which enables players to draw through their deck to find specific cards - and having heroes that work well with other dwarf characters, the Elves of Lórien starter deck is focused on using cards that trigger abilities upon being played and helping players to kick-off some strong combos from those card abilities - making it a more fast-paced deck that relies on players timing their card-plays to make the most out of them.

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game starter deck cards 2

Alternatively, the two human decks - the Defenders of Gondor and the Riders of Rohan - provide players with play-styles designed around taking risks. After a history of being besieged by various enemy forces, the people of Gondor have become well-versed in the art of surviving onslaughts. As such, the Defenders of Gondor starter deck works at its best when the player’s back is up against the wall, with several cards granting better benefits when the threat levels are at their highest. Otherwise, players can adopt the Riders of Rohan starter deck and utilise its rush-and-retreat gameplay style. Being renowned for its cavalry, the Riders of Rohan specialise in charging into fights, before backing out to conserve their strength.

First released in 2011, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - which recently received a revised core set to enable new players to easily pick up the co-op game - was the very first living card game created and sees players working together to save Middle-earth from the forces of Sauron. The Lord of the Rings LCG allows players to play cards featuring characters from the famous book series, whilst tackling a variety of scenarios involving orcs, uruk-hai and other dangerous enemies.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is published by Fantasy Flight Games, the studio also responsible for releasing Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Keyforge and Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

The new starter decks for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game are available now at a retail price of $21.99 (£16) each.

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