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Take up a life of space piracy with this Humble Book Bundle for sci-fi RPG Traveller

Do spacecrafts have poop decks?

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If you want to know why Traveller always seems to pop up on those lists of the best science fiction tabletop RPGs without dropping a lot of money, the latest Humble Book Bundle will satisfy that curiosity with 16 resources for only $18.

Traveller 2E is the recently rebooted space-faring roleplay system produced by Mongoose Publishing, and by recently I mean 2E came around in 2021 and has been regularly updated and maintained ever since. Fans of hard science fiction and a fastidious dedication to mechanical detail have long held up Traveller as the gold standard in its sub-genre, and the second edition has helped the stalwart RPG find a new audience in a surprisingly competitive scene.

Humble’s currently running book bundle packages 16 Traveller resources, including the most up-to-date version of the core rulebook, which together offer a fairly comprehensive buffet of options for beebopping around the galaxy in the way you play group likes best. Smaller (and cheaper) versions of the bundle provide a single adventure campaign or the Explorer’s Edition, which is the RPG’s equivalent to a starter box meant to orient new players to Traveller’s essential rules and mechanics.

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Those who spend at least $10 will snag the core rulebook plus a quartet of adventures from author Martin J. Doughtery that the publisher describes as “the perfect introduction” to the newest version of Traveller’s core rules. Set in the Sindal Subsector, The Reach Adventures run the gamut of roleplaying scenarios, from nail-biting rescue missions and corporate pissing contests to deep sea treasure hunts and the search for a missing ship with huge ramifications.

If your playgroup has shashbuckling ambitions, the full bundle unlocks several sourcebooks directly dedicated to freebooting amongst the stars. The Pirates of Drinax see your crew take on a life of scum and villainy under the dubious sanction of Drinax’s King. Armed with that flimsy premise, a playgroup could wreak all manner of havoc across the system.

Meanwhile, the Drinaxian Companion book zooms out to take a more academic look at piracy, how one might theoretically operate, tenets of smuggling and potential counters against its practice. Okay, so it’s a big bunch of campaign resources that empower a group to become merchant kings or spacefaring scourges in their own right. Still, if a cross between Davy Jones and Major Tom is your version of RPG character heaven, this sourcebook is the ticket.

Proceeds from this Traveller-focused Humble Book Bundle, which runs through August 22nd, will benefit Cancer Research UK, a large foundation taking a comprehensive approach to expanding life expectancy and quality for those fighting cancer. More information about this charity and each of the tiered bundles can be found on Humble’s official website.

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