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Get started with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by grabbing the RPG’s latest starter set for under £1

Net dozens of adventures, sourcebooks and the 4E core rulebook for a bargain.

The starter set for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the classic tabletop RPG based on Games Workshop’s miniatures game, can be had for pennies as part of a new Humble Bundle.

The collection offers the starter set for publisher Cubicle 7’s latest fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for 72p, alongside standalone adventure If Looks Could Kill and Buildings of the Reikland, which details almost a dozen locations in the Old World region for players to explore. The introductory set itself contains six pre-generated characters, a quickstart set of rules, lore info about the setting and a series of beginner-friendly scenarios.

Stepping your pay-what-you-price up to £7.27 will get you the full Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E core rulebook, plus a GM screen and assortment of adventures and scenarios.

The next tier comprises two dozen books, including adventure collection Rough Days & Hard Nights and first revised entry in lengthy campaign Enemy in Shadows. £13.08 will get you both, along with several more scenarios and everything unlocked at the lower prices.

For £21.81, you’ll get everything the bundle has to offer - amounting to almost 50 rulebooks, adventures and supplements worth an estimated £415/$573. The collection includes the core rulebooks for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s older first and second editions - the former offered in a digital PDF format for the first time - plus their accompanying bestiary, character compendium, GM’s pack and many more adventures and supplements besides.

As with all Humble Bundles, a portion of proceeds from each sale will go towards charity. In this case, WaterAid America, an organisation that provides safe and clean water and sanitation in communities around the world.

Buyers can choose how much of their money goes towards Cubicle 7, WaterAid and Humble itself, with the split significantly favouring the publisher and store over the charity by default. This can be adjusted under the “Adjust Donation” tab on the page.

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