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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG to revamp starter decks and release two new sets by end of 2023

Calendar full of cardboard.

Image credit: Alicia Haddick

Three new ways to get into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game were just announced by publisher Konami, including a refresher on the starter deck experience and cards brought overseas from Japan for the first time.

Age of Overlords will be an core booster set containing 100 unique cards themed around Horus and bringing creatures back from a player’s graveyard. Supreme King Z- ARC, for example, is an older card with a visual and mechanical upgrade that include a brand-new form.

Meanwhile, Visas Starfrost’s journey that began in Dimension Force will continue to support her archetype largely with several new monster cards that stretches pretty high up the card level scale. Age of Overlords is currently planned to launch on October 20th of this year and will be available in all the usual ways fans purchase Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

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