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Get Dungeon Crawl Classics books for less than £1

Beast-slaying on a budget.

Explore an eldritch underwater tower, a museum of death and a treasure-stuffed cave with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG books, which are currently available for under £1.

Featured in a Humble RPG Book Bundle of Dungeon Crawl Classics, these modules enable a party of adventurers to begin a set campaign within the pulpy tabletop roleplaying game. Inspired by older fantasy RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons 2E, the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game has players venturing into all manner of dangerous and exciting locales - from accursed jungles to frozen mountains populated by evil sorcerers.

Players can get their hands on a wide variety of Dungeon Crawl Classics books through the Humble Bundle, with £0.79 giving access to titles such as Intrigue at Court Chaos - an adventure for level one players that sees them being abducted and forced to find the legendary Yokeless Egg - and Frozen in Time, that has players fighting robots that have emerged from beneath an ancient ice field. There are even horror RPG books included in the bundle, with They Screamed Brandolyn Red promising an incredibly bloody wedding reception.

Dungeon Crawling Classics RPG star book cover
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Alternatively, for £6.14 players can acquire every book featured in the first tier alongside several other modules for the DDC RPG. These modules include Beyond the Black Gate, a level five adventure that challenges players to survive the machinations of a coven of witches and third level adventure The Sea Queen Escapes - that has players preventing an invasion of watery warriors from the deep. This tier also has the complete sourcebook for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game, enabling players to create their own characters and adventures for the RPG.

Finally, paying £11.51 will grant access to all the books found in the previous tiers and a sizable collection of other DDC RPG modules. From creepy adventures featuring sinister spirits and devils - such as The Chained Coffin module for level five players - to a cosmic encounter with a mysterious entity that dwells in very sky itself, such as in the DDC RPG book Hole in the Sky, these books should provide plenty of fantastical stories for players to get lost within.

The Humble RPG Book Bundle of Dungeon Crawl Classics is live until November 16th.

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