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Become a detective through time and fantasy with a bundle of Gumshoe RPGs

Deduction at a discount.

Seek clues in the ancient past and other worlds with the Gumshoe 3 RPG Bundle of Holding, a collection of investigation-based roleplaying games currently available at a discounted price.

The Gumshoe 3 Bundle of Holding features a variety of RPGs based on the Gumshoe roleplaying system, which encourages players to gather information and use their intuition to discover secrets to various mysteries. Perhaps the most well-known game that uses the Gumshoe system is horror RPG Trail of Cthulhu - which has players searching for clues to various suspicious goings-on connected to the Old Ones - but the Gumshoe 3 Bundle of Holding contains three other roleplaying games that are built on the same system.

For $9.95 (£7), players eager to go sleuthing can get their hands on five different books from the Gumshoe collection of RPGs. These include the core rulebook for TimeWatch - a roleplaying game that has players travelling through time to seek out the answers to epic questions - alongside a Resource Book and The Book of Changing Years, providing both players and GMs with everything they need to start playing.

Fall of Delta Green.

This level also grants access to a rulebook for the Pathfinder and Gumshoe mash-up RPG Lorefinder, which combines aspects of the fantasy roleplaying game with the detective system. A quickstart rules set for Fall of Delta Green - a Lovecraftian RPG inspired by the Vietnam conflict of the 1960s - is also included with the Starter Collection, as well as an additional adventure called On a Bank, by Moonlight.

$25.84 (£18) will get buyers the Bonus Collection of the Gumshoe 3 Bundle of Holding, which opens access to all of the above content alongside six more titles. Included in the Bonus Collection is a complete rulebook for Fall of Delta Green - as well as the Las Vegas: 1968 supplement - content for TimeWatch called The Valkyrie Gambit, supplement Behind Enemy Lines and The Gaean Reach, an adventure inspired by the novels of science-fiction author Jack Vance.

The Gumshoe 3 Bundle of Holding is available until March 30th, with 10% of customer payments being donated to Cochrane Reports - a nonprofit organisation that provides a resources page centered around COVID-19.

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