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Munchkin Marvel, Funkoverse and Herd Mentality discounted in Target sale

Alongside Disney Sidekicks and more.

A collection of board games is currently available at a discounted price on Target’s online store.

Target, the US based retailer, is holding a sale both online and in-store featuring a variety of board games, from family tabletop titles to party games.

Included in the current sale is Munchkin: Marvel Board Game – priced at $14.79 (£12.32) - a version of the classic adventure title themed around popular superheroes from the Marvel comic book universe. The marvel-themed game has players becoming S.H.I.E.L.D agents – part of the organisation that monitors superhero activity – who are each looking to reach their top agent level. Every agent has its own special ability which players can utilise alongside the Marvel-themed cards they pick up throughout the game, which will grant them bonuses. Players will have to face a variety of enemies and villains as they progress, which will earn them level-ups and rewards if they’re able to defeat them.

An image of the board for Funkoverse: Strategy Game - Jaws

Another tabletop title featured in the Target sale is Funkoverse: Strategy Game – Jaws, which is available at a price of $12.91 (£10.76). One of several standalone titles – meaning that players will not need to have the core Funkoverse release to play – Funkoverse: Strategy Game – Jaws is a two-player game that pits the titular shark against Quint. Whilst one player takes control of the shark, the other commands Quint in a head-to-head fight to be the first to defeat their opponent by rolling dice and using their abilities. The Funkoverse: Strategy Game – Jaws also includes two Pop! style figurines for players to collect.

Also included in the Target sale is the party board game Herd Mentality from Big Potato Games – priced at $12.74 (£10.62). A board game about trying to be one of the pack, Herd Mentality has players answering a variety of questions – such as what the best fast-food place is – with the goal of providing a response that matches with the most players’ answers. Players earn points if their answer is in the majority, whilst any player that provides a unique answer is given the pink cow.

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Other titles found in the Target sale are another Big Potato party game called The Chameleon, a co-op board game named Disney Sidekicks, a fast-paced drafting game called Draftosaurus and Marvel United: X-Men, a spin-off title that has players working together as iconic superheroes.

Target is a US-only store, with players outside the country needing to pay for international shipping. It is unconfirmed as to when the Target board game sale will end.

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