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Get Talisman: Digital Edition and its expansions for less than £10 in a Humble Bundle

Fantasy at a fantastic price.

Get the digital version of Talisman and several of the game’s expansions for a discounted price in a Humble Bundle.

The Talisman: Complete Collection Humble Bundle gives players access to the digital board game version of the classic tabletop title, alongside a collection of 53 different digital expansions ranging from character models to entirely new content for the game.

For less than £1 - £0.79/$1 - players can get their hands on a copy of Talisman: Digital Edition, the video game version of the fantasy board game. The Humble Bundle collection offers the game at a cheaper price than other retailers like Steam can offer, enabling players to begin their journey to obtain the Crown of Command.

A screenshot of the video game Talisman: Digital Edition

At £7.64 ($10), players can get Talisman: Digital Edition on top of a selection of expansions and cosmetic additions for their copy. The expansions featured in this tier of the Humble Bundle include The Clockwork Kingdom Expansion, which adds a new non-player character that acts as a travelling merchant and the ability for players to make their own items, and the Ancient Beasts Expansion that introduces new Beast Reward Cards for players to collect and two new playable characters – the specialist and the trophy hunter.

The highest tier – which costs £8.90 ($11) - unlocks everything featured in the previous two tiers, alongside even more expansion content for the video game. Additional expansions found in this Humble Bundle tier includes The Blood Moon Expansion, which introduces a dangerous werewolf NPC and the ability for players to become lycanthropes themselves, as well as The Nether Realm expansion – a pack that features an entirely separate deck and three alternative endings for players to experience.

Talisman: Digital Edition was developed and published by Nomad Games, a studio that has also created digital versions of Mystic Vale, Cat Lady and Fury of Dracula.

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Talisman is a fantasy board game for two to six players that has people competing to be the first to reach the Crown of Command at the centre of the board. During the game, players take turns to roll dice and move the number of spaces indicated. Players will then experience various encounters depending on the type of space they’ve landed on. Each player will have different stats depending on their character, as well as a special ability. If two or more characters ever share the same space, then they will have to fight one another. Whichever player obtains the Crown of Command first is named the winner.

The Talisman Complete Collection Humble Bundle is live until July 7th. When paying for their chosen tier, players can choose a percentage to donate to their charity of choice.

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