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Ticket to Ride gets a set of pink trains to benefit breast cancer research charity

On railways we wear pink.

Ticket to Ride is being given a splash of colour with a set of pink trains released to raise money for breast cancer research.

Ticket to Ride: Play Pink is exactly what it says on the (metal) tin, containing a full set of plastic carriages in pink that a player can swap for their - let’s be honest - trains of an inferior hue. If that wasn’t enough to catch your opponents’ eyes across the board, the little locomotives are also sculpted in a new shape compared to the regular Ticket to Ride tokens.

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The mini-expansion can replace the player pieces for either the original train game or its standalone spin-off set in Europe, with a set of stations in pink included for the latter game’s extra gameplay mechanic. The trains would presumably also work in Ticket to Ride: Europe’s fancy 15th Anniversary Edition, although whether you should spend £100 on the supersized set released earlier this year is a different question.

The set costs $5/5€, with $2 of that price - equivalent to all proceeds from the set after logistics and production costs, with publisher Days of Wonder confirming it is a “non-profit” release - going toward US charity Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which lends its specific shade of pink to the pack.

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The Ticket to Ride: Play Pink set will be released next month, with 80,000 copies available in total.

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