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Find out why opening a dreadful circus is not a good idea on this week’s episode of the Dicebreaker Podcast

And the joys of different quiches.

While Matt is away, the Dicebreaker kids can play. Well, two of them at least.

This week’s podcast sees Meehan, Johnny and Lolies diving into the world of tabletop games, with Matt taking a break from hosting duties for this week - so you can already imagine exactly how chaotic this entry might be.

The trio have a chat about what they’ve been playing lately - with Johnny providing stories of his roleplaying adventures, Lolies sprinkling further praise on Welcome To… and Meehan describing the tragic turn of events in her game of Forbidden Desert. There’s also a return of the long-awaited Scythe update segment of the podcast, hallelujah!

We make sure to bring you our thoughts on the latest news stories. Want to hear what we think about Kickstarter being dominated by tabletop games? How about our hopes for the new publishing house recently launched by Isaac Vega? Or whether we’re excited about the upcoming Dragonlance novels?

Finally, the group answers your questions - which you can send via our Twitter account @joindicebreaker, via email at or even just in a comment on this article - on playing tabletop games through unconventional means, how to relax when playing multiple D&D characters and what our very first Dungeons & Dragons experiences were like.

Of course, there’s plenty of the usual ridiculousness in this episode as well. Prepare yourself for multiple conversations about quiche, why Meehan likes being punished by difficult board games and the consequences of opening up a dreadful circus.

Pop your earbuds in or slap your headphones on and listen to the latest entry in the Dicebreaker podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcasts, or plug the RSS feed into your player of choice.

You can also watch the video version of this week’s episode - along with all the previous and future episodes - on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel right now!

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Games discussed:

  • Forbidden Desert
  • Azul
  • Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Soulbound
  • Welcome To…
  • Deadlands
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Dinn
  • Shadowrun
  • Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin
  • Scyth
  • Dune: House Secrets
  • Keystone: North America
  • Life After Dungeon
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe - 15th Anniversary Edition
  • Dreadful Circus
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E
  • Pathfinder 1E

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