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Explore the mythical tabletop RPG worlds of Forbidden Lands and Vaesen for $25 in new Humble Bundle

This latest offering pairs two fantastic Free League series in support of Direct Relief

Forbidden Lands RPG artwork
Image credit: Free League

Humble Bundle’s most recent tabletop RPG offering collects several digital books for two award-winning series full of intrigue and fantastical threats, while donating part of the profits to charity.

Hosted by Swedish publisher Free League, the bundle contains the core books and supplemental adventures for Forbidden Lands and Vaesen, along with a few accompanying tools, such as card packs. Paying $25 nets you everything on offer as digital downloads, though lower priced tiers with a smaller selection are also available.

Forbidden Lands synthesises an old-school take on fantasy roleplaying (but not exactly OSR-style play) with a cutthroat approach to traversing the world that makes the threat of death - or at least grave injury - every present. Players will begin their journeys struggling to survive but will eventually establish a name for themselves and even a permanent stronghold amongst the world’s hardscrabble settlements.

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Vaesen, on the other hand, leans into an investigative bent - players will don the mantle of Vaesen hunters for an enigmatic society, using their wits, charm and academic preparation to solve crimes and mysteries caused by the subjects of Scandanavian folklore. These spiritual creatures have existed among humankind forever, but the onset of industrial modernity threatens that tenuous balance. The resulting stress manifests in ways both strange and tragically understandable.

The Forbidden Lands core book is accompanied by four supplements: The Bitter Reach, Raven Purge, The Spires of Quetzel and Crypt of the Mellified Mage. Those interested in Vaesen should check out A Wicked Secret and Other Mysteries, a collection of cases that expands upon those included in the core book, and Mythic Britain and Ireland, a recently released setting guide for running the game in the isles some distance from Nordic lands.

This Free League-sponsored bundle will remain available through January 19th. Like other Humble Bundles, it will donate part of the raised funds to charity, namely Direct Relief. The US-based organisation connects resources to partner group in 71 countries in an effort to provide medical and humanitarian aid wherever it is most needed. More information about Direct Relief can be found on their website.

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