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Announcing Dicebreaker+ - our new premium YouTube memberships with exclusive content, benefits and lots more!

Subscribe today from just £4.99!

Do you want even more Dicebreaker in your life? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Today we’re launching Dicebreaker+, our brand new premium YouTube memberships scheme that you can join right now.

As the name suggests, Dicebreaker+ is everything you love about Dicebreaker - except, well, there’s more of it. It’s as simple and great as that.

That includes exclusive videos giving you a look behind the scenes of team Dicebreaker, videos from the team covering some topics that you won’t see talked about elsewhere (Video games! Movies! Anime! The hottest characters in Magic: The Gathering!), Let’s Play playthroughs of more board games AND video games, movie watchalongs, team Q&As, vlogs, and even more opportunities for you to play games with us during members-only livestreams.

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There are two Dicebreaker+ tiers you can sign up for, starting at just £4.99/$4.99 a month. As well as the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting the team’s work, that’ll get you one exclusive video a month, along with loads of other benefits.

What are those benefits, you ask? As a starter, how about exclusive custom emoji starring the Dicebreaker team, our pets, some tabletop in-jokes and even nods to fan-favourite Dicebreaker jokes? (Yes, there is a B*M emoji.)

You’ll also get access to our community Discord server when it launches later this year (exact date TBA!), where you can hang out and chat with other members of the community and the whole Dicebreaker team. Hey, maybe we’ll even organise some community games.

Increase your monthly subscription to £8.99/$9.99 and you’ll get all of the above, plus TWO MORE exclusive videos from the team every month, plus access to an exclusive Discord channel only for top-tier supporters.

We’ll hopefully have more exciting benefits to announce in the months to come for subscribers at all levels, but to kick things off with a bang and ensure you get your money’s worth we’ve launched Dicebreaker+ today with five exclusive videos - two for £4.99/$4.99 subscribers, and the full five if you pledge £8.99/$9.99 a month.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel to sign up for Dicebreaker+ and get your first taste of what we’ve got planned. Thanks for your support - we’re excited to show you more!

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