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Tabletop Simulator, Wingspan and Talisman are among the digital board games discounted in Steam’s Autumn Sale

Alongside Spirit Island and One Deck Dungeon.

Grab some digital board game bargains in the Steam Autumn Sale, featuring the likes of Tabletop Simulator, Wingspan and Talisman at a discounted price.

The Steam Autumn Sale sees a collection of PC games sold at a reduced price on the online store, including a wide selection of digital versions of classic tabletop games.

Featured in this year’s Autumn Sale is Tabletop Simulator - currently 50% off its usual asking price at £7.49 - the digital tool that enables players to recreate classic board games using a virtual table and components. Players can also get several official mods for Tabletop Simulator at a discounted price, such as horror title Zombicide and Scythe - the dieselpunk strategy game by Jamey Stegmaier.

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Another board game included in the sale is the digital version of Wingspan, which players can get at £13.59 - a 20% discount.

As in the physical version of Wingspan, the digital game has players collecting food to attract different birds to their environments, with certain bird cards providing the player with bonuses should they succeed in enticing them in. Every round has its own scoring system that players can benefit from by matching the requirements, with players also collecting points from their bird cards and eggs at the end of the game.

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Talisman: Digital Edition is also featured in the Steam Autumn Sale at 75% off its standard asking price, £1.29. Players can also get a six-pack of the game for £5.94, a similar 75% discount. Based on the classic beginner board game, Talisman: Digital Edition has one to six players attempting to reach the centre of the board before their opponents do. Throughout the game, players will have to overcome various challenges using their character’s special abilities, occasionally fighting directly with other player characters.

The sale includes both co-op title Spirit Island - the digital version of the tabletop game that challenges players to fend off an invading fleet of colonists - and One Deck Dungeon, a fantasy-themed board game about players making their way through a deck of cards representing a dungeon. Spirit Island is listed with a 20% discount at £15.59, whilst One Deck Dungeon is currently £2.87 - 60% off its usual asking price.

Other digital board games that can be found in the sale are Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy, Splendor, Ascension, Aeon’s End, Agricola: Revised Edition, Tokaido, Evolution, Warhammer Quest, Dungeons & Dragons - Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation, Mystic Vale, Charterstone: Digital Edition, and many more.

The Steam Autumn Sale runs until December 1st.

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