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Get Arkham Horror TCG and Pandemic fiction for less than £10 in Humble Bundle

Alongside Keyforge and Twilight Imperium books.

Spin-off fiction books based on tabletop gaming series like Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Twilight Imperium are now available at a discount.

Featured in the Fantasy Gaming Fiction Humble Bundle, the fiction books flesh out the worlds of living card game Arkham Horror: The Card Game, sci-fi strategy series Twilight Imperium and dungeon-crawling franchise Descent, featuring references and characters from the series they’re attached to as well as introducing entirely new elements. All of the book included in the Humble Bundle have been published by Aconyte Books, a studio that releases fiction based on the series published by Asmodee.

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For less than £1 ($1), readers can unlock two books published by Aconyte – Terraforming Mars: In the Shadow of Deimos and Descent: Legends of the Dark – Gates of Thegrim. In the Shadow of Deimos by Jane Killick focuses on the corporate colonisation of Mars, with the newly terraformed planet playing host to some sinister conspiracies and business drama. Robbie MacNiven’s Gates of Thelgrim takes place in the world of Terrinoth – the setting of dungeon-crawler game Descent: Legends of the Dark - with the story focusing on the dwarven city of Thelgrim and the secret the book’s trio of protagonists uncover.

Paying £8.21 ($10) will get readers a collection of seven books – including the two featured in the first tier – which expand on the franchises of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Descent: Legends of the Dark, Terraforming Mars, Keyforge and the co-op game Pandemic. Highlights include a novella collection set in the universe of Arkham Horror: The Card Game by Dave Gross, Graeme Davis, Richard lee Byers and Chris A Jackson called Dark Origins, as well as Pandemic Patient Zero – a story about a team of epidemic specialists that has an amazing cover.

The cover for Twilight Imperium: Fractured Void

The final tier of the Humble Bundle, which costs £14.78 ($18), features all the books found in the previous tiers on top of titles set within the Twilight Imperium and Legend of the Five Rings universes, as well as a couple of video game tie-in books. Twilight Imperium: The Fractured Void by Tim Pratt tells the story of the crew of the Temerarious spaceship as they investigate a distress call from a nearby moon and spark the beginning of a war. The Legend of the Five Rings: Poison River is the first entry in a series of mystery novels focusing on the character of Daidoji Shin, as they evolve from Crane clan trade envoy to investigator.

The Fantasy Gaming Fiction Humble Bundle is live until July 21st, with customers able to donate an amount of their payment to a charity of their choice – as long as Humble Bundle supports it.

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