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Kids on Bikes, The Fox in the Forest and Aggretsuko games included in Renegade anniversary sale

Happy 7th birthday to Renegade Game Studios.

Tabletop titles such as Kids on Bikes, The Fox in the Forest and Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance are included in a sale in the online store for Renegade Game Studios.

Celebrating the 7th anniversary of the publisher’s founding, the sale contains several board games released by the company since its launch in 2014.

These titles include the sci-fi roleplaying game Kids on Bikes, an ‘80s inspired RPG that has players becoming youngsters attempting to live their everyday lives in the midst of dangerous forces that threaten their mundane worlds. Originally priced at $25 (£18), the sourcebook is currently available at a discounted price of $22.50 (£16) and comes with everything players and games masters need to experience the game.

Fox in the Forest board game box

The sourcebook for the fantasy themed RPG spin-off Kids on Brooms, a game that invites players to become young people attending a magical school filled with adventure and mystery, is also included in the anniversary sale, discounted to the same price.

Two-player card game The Fox in the Forest is featured within the anniversary sale at a price of $14.39 (£10). In the game, players compete to gain the most victory points by trying to win a certain amount of tricks - or exchanges of cards - and forcing their opponent to win a different total of tricks. The co-op spin-off card game, Fox in the Forest: Duet, which is also available at a discount of $14.39 (£10), encourages players to work together as a team attempting to move along a path to collect gems, without getting lost in the woods.

Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance, a card game adapted from the anime series about a Red Panda who uses heavy metal to express their frustrations with modern life, is featured within the anniversary sale at a price of $19.79 (£14). Within the game, players each become “a mild-mannered office worker” who must try and complete their tasks by the end of each day. However, it can be stressful with this much work to do, so players can choose to rage out with heavy metal music - but may have to face consequences as such.

Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance board game components and box

Other titles included within the Renegade anniversary sale are Atheneum: Mystic Library, a game about tidying up a collection of magical books, which is priced at $40.50 (£29), as well as this year’s Subastral a scientific board game about studying biomes - reduced to a price of $19.79 (£14) and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, discounted to $19.79 (£14).

The Renegade Game Studios anniversary sale will continue until August 31st.

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