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Grab Tales from the Loop, Symbaroum and other Free League RPGs at a cut during its summer sale

Hot weather, cool prices.

A massive automaton wrapped in cables looms over a residential home in Tales from the Loop, Free League's RPG about an alternate history 1980s Sweden.
Image credit: Free League

Swedish publisher Free League is currently holding a summer sale, reducing the price of books, dice, maps and artwork for their roster of RPGs by up to half off. The sale runs through July 6th and slashes prices on several popular games just in time to take advantage of summer breaks - or at least a reason to escape the sweltering sunlight for a few hours.

The Ennie Award-winning horror title Alien RPG can creep onto kitchen tables for £46 ($47), providing daring groups access to one of the newer titles in Free Leagues portfolio and a 398-page hardcover core book that details everything a group needs to attempt survival in its grim sci-fi setting. Our review found it perfect at building tensions and giving players just enough tools to put themselves in truly harrowing situations.

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Those curious about spooky space storytelling can instead pick up the Alien RPG starter set, which packages a condensed rulebook, an introductory scenario written by Andrew E.C. Gaska, as double-sided map and pre-generated character sheets. The dice pool system and light mechanical touch keeps focus on the dramatic tension while making sure players feel equipped to face whatever lurks in the dark - though surviving is another matter.

Groups who prefer their horror more as background dread for a seemingly bucolic romp through a rural 1980s town can snag Tales from the Loop, another Ennie Award recipient based on the iconic artwork of Simon Stålenhag. It lets players embody children whose homes lie in the shadow of a secretive scientific installation known as The Loop, and it seems to be central to all manner of mysteries, weirdness and unexplainable coincidences. The core rule book - and its more threatening follow-up Things from the Flood - is on sale for £40 ($41) and £32 ($33) respectively, and it also sports a £15 starter kit ready to send a motley crew of pre-teens into the woods.

Speaking of woods, Nordic horror RPG Vaesen can be purchased for £45 ($46). The game is set in a land on the brink of industrialisation where all of the myths and folklore and stories meant to scare children are very real and extremely dangerous. Written by Nils Hintze and based on the illustrated stories of Johan Egerkrans, Vaesen uses Free League’s Year Zero engine to deliver a world that is equal parts beautiful, mysterious and deadly.

Tales from the Loop artwork

Other RPG systems benefitting from the summer sale include the extremely popular doom metal RPG Mörk Borg (£29/$29), Mutant: Year Zero (£40/$41), Coriolis - The Third Horizon (£38/$39) and a starter set for dark fantasy setting Symbaroum (£37/$38).

Some of the steeper cuts extend to peripherals such as themed dice, adventure supplements, printed maps and reference guides, as well as official art printed on both poster paper and canvas. Whether you’ve been interested in dipping your toes into one of Free League’s many RPG systems or looking to expand your regular session in their worlds, the summer sale likely has something worth checking out. All discounts on items in their online store runs until July 7th.

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