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Risk 2210 and Nexus Ops among board games slated for reprints by Vampire: The Masquerade studio

Renegade Game Studios continues scooping up publishing rights to previous Hasbro titles.

Nexus Ops original trailer from Fantasy Flight's YouTube channel
Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The studio behind Vampire: The Masquerade, Kids on Bikes and several RPG adaptations of classic action figure cartoons announced that it would reprint four more board games from Hasbro’s portfolio, including Risk 2210, Risk Godstorm, Vegas Showdown and Nexus Ops.

The move is a continuation of Renegade Game Studios’ professional relationship with the colossal toy and game company, wherein Hasbro hands the production and distribution of some of its less core titles (read: not Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering). Renegade previously took over Risk, Axis & Allies and Diplomacy in a similar agreement last year.

Like past licenced partnerships with Hasbro, these four reprinted titles will be “refreshed” before hitting the shelves of local hobby shops and digital retails, according to a press release. The gameplay will reportedly not be altered but all four announced board game will enjoy “minor quality-of-life upgrades” to fit the sensibilities and expectations of modern tabletop audiences. Renegade did not provide any further details.

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Nexus Ops, a sci-fi wargame about mining corporations vying against invading aliens, and 2005’s bidding board game Vegas Showdown - both previously designed and published by Avalon Hill before they became a Hasbro subsidiary - will receive new box art and other visual upgrades to bring their overall aesthetic inline with the studio’s line of reprinted strategy titles.

Risk 2210 AD (first published in 2001) and Risk Godstorm (2005) are two entries in a long list of variants on the classic global combat board game, the former opting for a gritty future war vibe very close to Warhammer: 40,000 and the latter borrowing the vestiges of pantheistic cultures such as the Greek, Celtic, Babylonian, Norse, and Egyptian societies. Otherwise, their gameplay remains closely aligned with the original.

Renegade announced a reprint of several classic Axis & Allies board games in February of this year that would include rules errata, additional pieces and even new, expanded armies. So, while the company has previously taken an active hand in shaping their licenced boxes, these four will be lightly touched, if at all. All four reprints are currently slated to arrive sometime in 2024.

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