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Hear what’s next for the designers of Pax Pamir and John Company in a live Q&A at PAX Unplugged 2019

Give it a Wehrle.

Pax Pamir: Second Edition 2019 strategy board game photo
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If you thought Cole Wehrle had knocked it out of the park last year with the utterly brilliant Root, the second edition of the designer’s debut board game Pax Pamir released in 2019 proved Wehrle to truly be the tabletop star of the moment.

In bringing back Pax Pamir and making it one of this year’s best games thanks to its tense strategy, shifting alliances and utterly stunning visuals (That cloth map! Those pastel blocks!), Wehrle helped catapult newfounded publisher Wehrlegig Games into the spotlight with its very first game.

Wehrlegig and Pax Pamir 2E didn’t just see Cole working alone, though. He was joined by his brother and Wehrlegig co-founder Drew, who helped craft the new Pax Pamir into a smoother, more approachable experience than the original without losing its roots in the deeply historical Pax series.

After the widespread acclaim of Pax Pamir, the brothers are moving onto reviving another of Cole’s beloved cult historical games, John Company, with a much-anticipated second edition. And there’s more where that came from, too.

Dicebreaker's Matt will be sitting down with Cole and Drew Wehrle at PAX Unplugged 2019 to chat intimately with the designers about launching an ambitious game publisher as brothers, their journey to bringing back Pax Pamir and John Company, how historical games can be made fun and beautiful, their vision for Wehrlegig, the plans for John Company’s second edition, and much more.

Join us in the Crab God Theatre at 10am on Friday December 6th to hear from the designers - and for the chance to ask them your own burning questions as part of a live audience Q&A. You can find more information and check out the full schedule of talks on the PAX Unplugged website.

Dicebreaker will be doing plenty more at PAX Unplugged 2019, including a community mixer on the Saturday, a crossover panel with Shut Up & Sit Down on Sunday morning and a community gaming session on the Sunday afternoon. Come say hi, join us and play some games!

(Full disclosure: PAX Unplugged is an event run by ReedPOP, which owns Dicebreaker parent Gamer Network.)

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