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Root creator’s acclaimed Pax Pamir: Second Edition is returning to Kickstarter next month

Reimagined and reprinted.

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Image credit: Ross Connell

Pax Pamir: Second Edition, last year’s critically lauded board game by Root designer Cole Wehrle, is getting a reprint next month.

A board game for one to five players, the second edition of Pax Pamir is a refined version of the original 2015 board game. Set in Afghanistan during the 19th century, the game sees players assume the roles of Afghan leaders looking to secure power by swaying certain factions to their cause, including British and Russian forces.

As various foreign empires seek to profit from Afghan resources and compete against their rivals, players must acquire influence in order to show loyalty to a more powerful coalition than their opponents. They can also betray their current allegiance to swap to a faction on the rise.

Throughout Pax Pamir: Second Edition players take turns to collect cards, each one related to a different faction, and arrange them in rows in front of them, gaining extra abilities and benefits. During the course of the game other players will be able to interfere with opponents’ cards to reduce their influence. Whenever a dominance check is called - which could be at any point - players who are loyal to the current commanding coalition gain victory points.

When a single player can gain a lead of four or more victory points, or a fourth dominance check is called, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins.

Pax Pamir: Second Edition was designed by Cole Wehrle who, as well as creating Root - held up as one of the best board games of recent years - is currently working on Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, the Kickstarter for which successfully raised over $1 million earlier this year. Oath is planned for release in 2021.

It is the debut release from Wehrlegig Games, the publisher founded by Cole Wehrle and his brother Drew. The company’s second title will be another updated second edition of one of Wehrle’s older board games, John Company: Second Edition. Wehrlegig has announced its plans to run a Kickstarter for the game later in 2020.

Pax Pamir: Second Edition was Matt’s favourite Game of the Year for 2019, having won our editor-in-chief over with the myriad of strategies it offered and the beautiful board elements found within the box.

The Kickstarter campaign for the reprint of Pax Pamir: Second Edition is due to launch on March 10th.

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