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Let’s talk Betrayal at House on the Hill: Third Edition and Dead by Daylight on the Dicebreaker podcast

As well as Magic: The Gathering and Pax Pamir: 2E

Episode 99 of the Dicebreaker podcast sees Meehan, Maddie and Chase hashing out everything tabletop gaming. This week, the group chat about what they’ve been playing, with Chase discussing his recent retrospective look at Sushi Go!: Party as well as the party drawing game Mangaka. Chase also reveals more about the upcoming roleplaying game based on The Dragon Prince Netflix cartoon, Tales of Xadia, and what fans and newbies alike can expect from it.

Meanwhile, Maddie has been reading through Kids on Bikes – the 1980s inspired tabletop roleplaying game – and devising a Scooby Doo-esque adventure, as well as creating some intriguing characters for the superhero-themed RPG Mutants and Masterminds. Both Maddie and Meehan relay their experiences of Pax Pamir: Second Edition, the historical board game from the creator of Root, and the ever-present Quacks of Quedlinburg.

The newly released third edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill is given the Dicebreaker podcast treatment, with Meehan talking about her impressions of the game after her very first playthrough. (Which you can read more about in this Betrayal 3E preview piece.)

This week’s news concerns Gamefound’s continues attempts to encourage more creators to its crowdfunding platform, the unfortunate passing of tabletop RPG writer Scott Bennie, the reveal of a new Dungeons & Dragons skirmish wargame and the return of the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour.

Finally, the group discuss the recently launched Kickstarter for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game, and what kind of abilities they would have if they happened to be included as characters in the game.

If you want to offer some suggestions to the team you can do so during the live recording that airs every single Friday at 2pm (BST) on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can watch the full video playback here.

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcasts. You can also add the podcast's RSS feed to your player of choice.

You can also post your questions for the podcast in this article’s comment section or tweet us @joindicebreaker or email us at

Games (and other stuff) discussed

  • Quacks of Quedlinburg
  • Pax Pamir: Second Edition
  • Kids on Bikes
  • Mutants and Masterminds
  • Sushi Go!: Party
  • Mangaka
  • Tales of Xadia
  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Third Edition
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught
  • Dead by Daylight: The Board Game

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