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Revisit a classic Arkham Horror LCG adventure with Return to the Circle Undone

Old times with the Old Ones.

Foil the schemes of the Order of the Silver Twilight once again in Return to the Circle Undone, a remixed version of an adventure for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Originally released in 2019, The Circle Undone expansion began a cycle for the living card game that revolved around the machinations of a mysterious organisation called the Order of the Silver Twilight, revealed to be the culprits behind various kidnappings and disappearances across the French Hill district of Arkham. Return to the Circle Undone revisits the cycle with an upgraded expansion containing new scenarios and encounter sets for players to tackle in a remixed version of the adventure.

In the horror card game, players must carry out a refreshed investigation of the suspicious goings-on within French Hill and unravel the newly altered plots of the Order of the Silver Twilight. Some things may be familiar to players who have experienced the original adventure, but Return to the Circle Undone includes revised versions of older cards - such as Senator Nathanal Rhodes, who will have to be questioned by players in order to give up clues - that will provide new challenges for players to overcome.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Return to the Circle Undone layout

Luckily for the players, there will also be a collection of fresh assets for them to utilise in their investigation, including the powerful Moon Pendant that opens up opportunities for players to use any tarot cards they might have to hand to acquire new secrets. Tarot cards are a brand new mechanic introduced in Return to the Circle Undone, with players having access to a deck of 22 cards that can grant both advantages and disadvantages - depending on how they’re read.

Should players successfully prevent the schemes of the Order of the Silver Twilight and rescue their victims, they collectively win the co-op card game. However, should they perish along the way or run out of time, they lose and the fate of the world is sealed.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game was released in 2016 and sees players working together as investigations attempting to prevent the awakening of the Old Ones. Each player will have a different deck depending on which investigator they choose to play as - with the option to swap cards in and out - and must travel to various locations in order to obtain the clues they need to solve the mystery. However, they’ll have to be careful to avoid engaging in enemies too powerful for them, otherwise they risk falling in battle.

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The original version of The Circle Undone was co-created by Nate French - creator of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and co-designer of Marvel Champions - and Matthew Newman, who also both co-designed the core Arkham Horror: The Card Game release.

Return to the Circle Undone is being published by Fantasy Flight Games, the studio responsible for releasing the original expansion and Arkham Horror: The Card Game, alongside other titles in the Arkham Horror Files universe such as Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness.

The release date for Return to the Circle Undone is set for sometime this summer, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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