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Arkham Horror: The Card Game alternative investigator released for free


Arkham Horror: The Card Game, a living card game based in the Arkham Horror Files universe, has gotten a new alternative investigator.

The original Wendy Adams is known as the urchin in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, having been orphaned at a young age and escaping the cruelty of the orphanage to live a life of petty theft, until she discovers a photograph of her late father to sends her to the town of Innsmouth. An investigator whose difficult past and few ties had left her adrift, Wendy normally grants players the ability to discard a card from their hand to prevent the placement of a particularly nasty chaos token, in favour of a slightly better one. Wendy’s amulet - the only thing she has left of her mother - also allows a player to automatically succeed at skill checks if it is in play.

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By contrast, the parallel version of Wendy is a much stranger and riskier investigator, somehow being both blessed and cursed at the same time. Whenever Wendy encounters enemies who are not of an elite level of difficulty, she is able to slip away from them and place a sealing token on them, thereby stacking the odds in the investigators’ favour whenever they choose to encounter them again. Being both cursed and blessed allows Wendy to reveal up to two bless or curse tokens whenever she uncovers an elder sign during a skill test, which has the chance to trigger some useful card abilities.

As well as an alternative investigator card, parallel Wendy also gets unique versions of her amulet card, which enables the player to use any event in their discard pile regardless of how far down in the stack it is. However, players will need to be wary of Wendy’s new Abandoned and Alone card, which presents far more challenges than the original version.

The alternative version of Wendy comes with a challenge scenario called Red Ride Rising, which focuses around the mystery of the orphan’s father and the photograph that leads her to Innsmouth. Players must use the photograph to guide Wendy through Innsmouth in search of information, talking to the townsfolk and raiding hideouts whilst making sure to not attract too much attention.

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Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a co-op game that has players working together as investigators exploring mysteries inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos. Part of the Arkham Horror Files universe - which also includes Eldritch Horror and last year’s Unfathomable - published by Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror: The Card Game challenges players to encounter different locations in search of clues, whilst avoiding the threat posed by the many cultists and monsters allied with the Old Ones.

The alternative version of Wendy Adams and the Red Tide Rising scenario are both available for free on the Fantasy Flight Games website, with players able to download the print-and-play cards but requiring a copy of the core Arkham Horror: The Card Game release to use them.

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