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There’s another very real and drinkable Catan beer, but this one is officially licensed

Cheers without fear of copyright infringement.

People can’t stop making beers fashioned after the classic board game Catan. The latest inebriating endeavor comes from the official studio and will deliver six different themed beers over the next year - if you sign up for the brewery’s beer club.

Catan Studio, which handles the English version of the resource-trading and road-building title, has partnered with Champion Brewing to produce a limited series of beers inspired by each of the board game’s biome tiles. One will be released every other month or so since the selection will be mixed with Champion’s seasonal and other limited availability beverages.

The Champion x CATAN Collection, as it is called, represents Fields with a wheat beer, Pastures with a rye and Mountains with a German schwartzbier. With the Forest biome represented by an IPA and Hills receiving an altbier, the last spot could either go to the Desert or Ocean tiles. The odd spaces out don’t normally produce resources but could serve up an interesting curve ball, such as a saison or witbier.

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Unfortunately for thirsty tabletop gamers, the only way to secure some of the Catan beers is by signing up for a club membership and waiting for the cans to be delivered to your door. Champion advertises the service by throwing in some of their own signature brews and inviting members to a monthly tasting in their taprooms - located in seven US states.

The memberships start at $50 per month, and there’s no dates on when each of the six Catan-themed beers will become available. Given the collaboration is constantly described by its time-sensitive nature, it’s pretty likely this is the only way collectors and appreciators can snag the unique cans. As another blow, international shipping doesn’t seem available.

This isn’t the first time an alcoholic homage to Catan has been made available. Last year, Copenhagen brewery Tool Beer unveiled the simply named Catan: the Beer with can wrapped in the logo and artwork from the board game’s box and tagged with “Trade, Build, Drink” underneath. Apparently, they did not seek permission before so readily lifting the words and images, as Catan Studio was quick to point out was not in any way “an official product.” It seems they liked the idea, though.

More information about the Champion x CATAN Collection can be found on the brewer’s website, which doesn’t specifically say when the board game beers will be on offer through the membership club. Regardless, drink responsibly and roll safely.

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