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Doctor Who RPG sourcebooks discounted across two Bundle of Holding deals

Featuring books focused on the first 12 Doctors.

Start having adventures in space and time with two Bundle of Holding deals for the official Doctor Who roleplaying game.

The first of the two Bundle of Holding deals is a revival of one which originally ran in 2018 as the Doctor Who RPG Bundle. For $19.95 (£14), players and games masters can unlock $90 worth of content for the sci-fi RPG, including a PDF version of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game which contains everything needed to experience storylines within the universe of the beloved show.

Also featured within this tier is The Time Traveller’s Companion - a sourcebook that contains lore about the Time Lords and how time travel functions within the world of Doctor Who - alongside the bestiary and species-focused sourcebook All the Strange, Strange Creatures Volume 1 and Paternoster Investigations, which presents GMs and players with a collection of adventures set within the Victorian era and campaigns involving the Paternoster Gang, a group of detectives headed up by Madame Vastra.

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Paying $30.82 (£22) will provide buyers with all of the above plus five additional pieces of content for the roleplaying game, such as the Gamemaster’s Companion - thus enabling GMs to create and run their own campaigns within the Doctor Who RPG - as well as three set scenarios and a selection of campaign sourcebooks including The Black Archive and The Silurian Age. On top of this, there’s also All of Time and Space Volume 1 and Defending the Earth - The UNIT Sourcebook.

Second of the Doctor Who Bundle of Holding deals features sourcebooks that are focused on individual Doctors from the television show, with the Doctor Sampler tier offering buyers sourcebooks centred on the first, second and third Doctors for $7.95 (£5). For $26.06 (£18), GMs and players can get their hands on the first three Doctor Sourcebooks, as well as the nine additional Doctor Sourcebooks - which cover Doctors fourth through to twelfth - that have since been released.

All of the content included within the two Bundle of Holding deals listed here, besides the 2015 edition of the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game sourcebook, will be compatible with the Second Edition of the RPG that’s set to be published sometime in Q1 2022.

The artwork for the upcoming Second Edition of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game.

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - which was published by Cubicle 7, the studio that’s also responsible for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Age of Sigma: Soulbound - sees players becoming a band of time travellers made up of a Doctor, or multiple Doctors, and their various companions. In the game, players travel across space and time in the Tardis, moving from adventure to adventure and attempting to do good along the way.

The two Bundle of Holding deals are live until August 31st. Two dollars from each purchase made through both Bundle of Holding deals will be donated to the BBC Children in Need charity, a UK based non-for-profit organisation that focuses on supporting vulnerable young people across the country.

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