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Nathan Fillion and cast of The Suicide Squad play as a band of rowdy goblins in Nerdist's latest CelebriD&D

Hide your Gundren Rockseekers.

The folks over at Nerdist somehow wrangled Nathan Fillion, Flula Borg and Michael Rooker into roleplaying as a band of kidnapping goblins in their latest episode of CelebirD&D, which takes the stars of The Suicide Squad through a mirror reflection of Dungeon & Dragons 5E’s beginner adventure.

Dungeon Master - and regular Nerdist writer - Riley Silverman leads the trio through a half-hour romp as the goblin gang that fledgling adventurers likely encounter as part of the Lost Mine of Phandelver module. Instead of rescuing Gundren Rockseeker and his cousin Sildar from the cave-dwelling ne’er-do-wells, Jolene Glaplok, Bl00psi and Arnold - played by Fillion, Borg and Rooker, respectively - have been ordered to dwarfnap the NPCs and secure the map in their possession.

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The inversion is a playful nod to the actors’ roles in the newly release film, The Suicide Squad, wherein a group of supervillains are conscripted by a U.S. government agency to carry out wetwork missions from which they will very likely not return alive - hence the tongue-in-cheek title. Directed by James Gunn and also starring John Cena, Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson, Idris Elba, among many more, The Suicide Sqad hit theatres August 6th.

Celebrities playing Dungeons & Dragons is a known recipe for media success at this point. The past couple of years have seen an explosion of stars sitting down for some tabletop shenanigans, especially as the COIVD-19 pandemic both forced people indoors and fueled a surge in board game and TRPG popularity.

The Dark Dice podcast announced in April of this year that Jeff Goldblum would appear as elven sorcerer Balmur in its latest campaign. In 2020, The Red Nose Day charity event had Thomas Middleditch, Janina Gavankar, David Harbour and more join well known DM Chris Perkins for a session of D&D Live.

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The following year saw Jack Black, Reggie Watts and Kevin Smith team up for another Wizards of the Coast-hosted charity livestream, along with WWE wrestlers Xavier Woods and Ember Moon who played in a game hosted by Dimension 20 and Critical Roll summer guest host Aabria Iyengar.

CelebriD&D’s latest episode can be watched on Nerdist’s YouTube channel, along with the backlog of other sessions featuring past guests John Manganiello, Terry Crews and John Bradley.

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