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How to create a dungeon for D&D and beyond

Welcome to the Dicebreaker Dungeon!

For the very first time, Dicebreaker has put together our own RPG dungeon ready for members to run or even pester their favourite DM to run. Not only have we put together this dungeon, we have a video available on the channel right now which takes any aspiring dungeon makers through the steps and tips we kept in mind while making the dungeon.

Liv and Maddie sit down to explore this Dicebreaker Dungeon with Maddie exploring the dungeon as if she were a full adventuring party. This one-shot can be used for any RPG you’d like, though the description leans towards D&D 5E it can be adapted to your liking.

If you’re interested in seeing Dicebreaker make more dungeons and map layouts with a certain theme or challenge, let us know! We would love to get to work on our second Dicebreaker dungeon so drop us a comment and let us know.

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