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A half-elf falls from grace in the first episode of our brand new D&D show, Storybreakers

It's a bard knock life.

Move over Critical Role, there's a brand new Dungeons & Dragons show in town from Dicebreaker: Storybreakers! (Just kidding, there's always room for more tabletop RPGs on the internet in our humble opinion.)

The first episode of Storybreakers is now live and ready for watching on Dicebreaker's YouTube channel - and there's plenty of excitement in the story already.

In the first-ever episode of our new Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play show, Caryaries the half-elf bard falls from grace and ends up in the backwater town of Ragrump. After a string of failed attempts to break into the news anchor business, she'll have to settle with some local newspaper journalism alongside fellow intern Winona.

As they meet the jaded veteran reporter Hunter and the guarded photojournalist Iris, things all seem to be settling in for a rather dull future. That is until things begin to get a little strange here in Ragrump...

Caryaries is in for a real fish-out-of-water situation as her world is turned upside-down before her eyes. Will she be able to find her feet again in this strange and stinky new environment?

Storybreakers will have a new episode live every Friday at 6pm GMT! You can catch the entire playlist of episodes here.

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