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Introducing Dicebreaker’s brand new D&D 5E actual play series, Storybreakers!

Dungeons & Dragons & Journalists.

The rumours that we’ve been spreading in every livestream on the YouTube channel for the last few months is true, something very exciting is coming - a brand new Dungeons & Dragons show!

Join us for Storybreakers, a D&D 5E actual play of small-town mystery set in a steampunk, science-fantasy setting where the characters are journalists ready to uncover answers and bring stories to light. Inspired by the likes of Hot Fuzz and The IT Crowd but in a fantasy setting, there’s everything from office drama to strange town happenings to look forward to.

To find out what exactly is going on, or going wrong, in the town of Ragrump you’ll need to join us on November 4th when the first episode releases!

Wheels is taking the role of dungeon master to weave the story while Matt, Meehan, Liv and Maddie cram themselves into the basement office as players, all of which you can meet in our brand new trailer.

From a tired old tortle who’s seen it all to a bard with everything to prove, discover who’s playing which character and check out the incredible art from Vera Nattler that brings each of them to life.

If you want to know even more, stick around here and head over to the YouTube channel to learn more about each character and the setting in the coming weeks.

Check out the trailer now to get a taste of what’s to come and get excited for Storybreakers on November 4th!

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