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We play One-Shot Wonders, the D&D 5E book with 100 readymade scenarios for game night (Sponsored)

Maddie, Liv and Meehan get up to Fishy Business.

This article is sponsored by Roll & Play Press. You can back their One-Shot Wonders campaign on Kickstarter until October 12th.

Are you looking for more quests to add to your Dungeons & Dragons 5E games? Something for a specific place, to make a city seem more alive - or just to fill time after you forgot to prep for your weekly game? Let us introduce you to One-Shot Wonders.

From the ENnie-award winning team over at Roll & Play Press, One-Shot Wonders is a collection of over 100 different quests you can drop into any D&D 5E campaign at a moment's notice. They cover all sorts of themes to make choosing the right one easy for your game, from the environment it’s set in to the tone, such as magical or comedic.

We tried the Fishy Business adventure, which takes place in a seafood restaurant near a harbour - so it could be set in a small village or bustling city depending on where you drop it into your campaign. It also worked as a wonderful one-shot to give Liv and Meehan a fun adventure all on its own. Playing as a firbolg warlock and tabaxi fighter, they sit down for a delicious meal of strawberry milk and smoked pilchards before things start to get weird. Thus follows a story of rivalry, betrayal and sea hags - all in just two hours.

As the DM for the session, having the entire quest on just two pages made my job a lot easier. Everything in One-Shot Wonders fits on one or two pages and is carefully laid out to make sure you don’t need any extra notes to run the adventures. I include shots of the PDF during the video so you can see exactly what I’m referencing in the One-Shot Wonders document when introducing something like an NPC.

The One-Shot Wonders Kickstarter campaign is fully funded but still open, so you can sign up for a PDF or get a physical copy up until October 12th. Check out our actual play to see how those adventures play out and just how easy it is to go from the page to a fully fleshed-out story in no time at all.

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