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Forgotten Waters remote assistant app lets you play the pirate board game over the internet

Sailing the Wi-Fi waves.

Forgotten Waters can now be played online using the recently-released pirate board game’s free remote play assistant app.

Forgotten Waters is a semi co-op board game in which players create their very own pirate and explore the seas in search of adventure. Each player’s pirate will have their own unique motivations and ambitions to pursue, which may clash with Forgotten Water’s co-op board game elements - leading to potential swashbuckling and plank-walking.

Should the pirates decide to work together, they will need to ensure that their ship’s resources are properly maintained, otherwise they risk bad morale and a mutiny from the crew. Apart from resource management, Forgotten Waters has players encountering various events that will force one or more of them to make a decision via the free companion app.

Once the game ends, each player must take into account how much booty they’ve collected and what goals they’ve successfully completed in order to determine their pirate’s fate - whether their story is passed down through pirate generations to come, or they simply sink into obscurity.

Forgotten Waters board game layout

In addition to the companion app required to play, the board game’s publisher Plaid Hat Games has launched a free app to help players enjoy the game remotely. The Forgotten Waters remote play assistant app requires at least one player to own a physical copy of the board game - in order to interact with the game’s board and share it with the other players - but enables up to six other players to keep track of all the necessary elements they need without having to be at the same table.

This includes all the ship stats, player infamy, treasure collected, story cards, player objectives and more besides. The Forgotten Waters remote app also allows all players to track an updated overview of the current game, as well as any narrative decisions that have been made during the playthrough.

Every player besides the game’s owner will need a copy of Forgotten Waters’ player sheet - which can be downloaded from the Forgotten Waters website - a 12-sided die and some tokens (which can be anything they like) to represent those found in the game.

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All players will still need the Crossroads app for Forgotten Waters, which is used to present and track narrative decisions made during each session. The Crossroads mechanic was previous featured in horror board game Dead of Winter and co-op board game Gen 7, though without the use of an app.

The design team behind Forgotten Waters includes Isaac Vega - who co-created Dead of Winter and designed expandable card game Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn - J Arthur Ellis, creator of horror board game Raxxon, and Mr Bistro.

Other than Forgotten Waters, Plaid Hat Games is known for publishing expandable card game Summoner Wars, and is planning to release an upcoming board game from Jerry Hawthorne - creator of co-op board games Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables.

Forgotten Waters is out in the UK as of today (May 15th), with a US release date set for June 5th.

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