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You can save £50 on dungeon-crawler board game Frosthaven right now

Get the follow-up to Gloomhaven for under £200.

If you enjoy teaming up with friends and embarking on multiple adventures, then Frosthaven is a board game well worth your time.

The follow-up to 2017's Gloomhaven, which is still one of the best dungeon-crawling board games around, became the biggest board game Kickstarter of all-time back in 2020 and lived up to the hype when it launched in 2021.

Whether you've played Gloomhaven before or a complete newbie to dungeon-crawlers, Frosthaven is a really good time when you're playing with friends, and right now you can grab it for £50 less than its £250 RRP at Magic Madhouse:

Frosthaven- £199.79 at Magic Madhouse (was £250)

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Frosthaven continues with the Euro-inspired fantasy world, but shifts the location to a small northern outpost that is constantly under attack and the local mercenaries are struggling to defend it.

The game is designed for between two and four players, with sessions taking around 90 to 120 minutes to complete a scenario. The entire campaign has over 100 of these scenarios, so how long you keep playing will depend on you and your playgroup.

Once each player has chosen their class, bought their starting equipment and chosen their personal quest, the group can begin embarking on their adventures. We've covered how to go about tackling scenarios in our how to play Frosthaven guide, so bookmark that for the future when you're playing.

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Don't worry if you haven't played Gloomhaven before, it's not a requirement to play Frosthaven which has different classes but has the same combat system as its predecessor.

If you do want to play Gloomhaven before you jump into Frosthaven, then you can grab it for £113 from Amazon UK or from Amazon US for $106.

Whether it's for a couple of hours or a couple of months, a Frosthaven campaign is a great way to get around the table with friends, and saving £50 on the game is a nice bonus too.

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