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Spider-man and Venom themed expansion swinging into Marvel Champions

Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen featured.

A Spider-verse themed expansion featuring the likes of Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen is coming to Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

Announced as part of the Gen Con Online 2021 In-Flight stream event from Marvel Champions publisher Fantasy Flight Games, Sinister Motives is the next upcoming expansion for the living card game. Focused around the multiverse versions of the beloved web-slinger, Sinister Motives will include two new heroes for players to use in their battle against evil - Miles Morales Spider-Man and Ghost Spider, otherwise known as Spider-Gwen.

As well as the brand new heroes, Sinister Motives will also feature several additional villains for players to square-up against, all themed around classic antagonists from Spidey’s past. The roster of baddies includes the likes of Sandman, the parasitic entity Venom and the terrifying Sinister Six themselves. According to Fantasy Flight, the upcoming game expansion will contain several more “web-warriors”, who are yet to be revealed.

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Another reveal made during the In-Flight stream event was the unveiling of the next hero pack for the Marvel game - Vision. Featuring the powerful android who made his most recent appearance in the Wandavision Disney + television series, Vision’s formidable abilities make him a desirable ally for Marvel Champions. Vision’s deck will be based around a density manipulation mechanic, which apparently enables him to serve as a durable source of protection for the heroes. Additional information surrounding the Vision Hero Pack will be made available soon.

Marvel Champions is a living card game - meaning that releases are not random like booster packs, but a set amount and type of cards - that has players becoming classic heroes from the Marvel comics universe such as The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and more. During the game, the players must work together to prevent their chosen villain from completing their master plan by depleting their health to zero.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Vision Hero Pack

Each hero deck has its different strengths, with players needing to consider which heroes will make the best possible combination for their team. The players win if they successfully thwart the villain, but lose if they are all knocked out or the villain is able to enact their scheme.

There is currently no set release date for either the Sinister Motives expansion or the Vision Hero Pack, with retail release prices also yet to be confirmed.

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