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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse characters featured in new expansion for Marvel Champions

Alongside Venom, Mysterio and other iconic villains.

Classic iterations of Spider-Man, such as Gwen Stacey and Miles Morales, are featured in a new expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

Called Sinister Motives, the upcoming expansion - which was initially revealed in September - will see various versions of the webslinger fighting against a roster of the usual suspects including Venon; Mysterio; Sandman and more. On top of these classic Spider-Man villains, the heroes will also face-off against a team of criminals called the Sinister Six, an organisation of the most nefarious ne’er-do-wells in New York City such as Electro and the Vulture. With such an intimidating group of felons to fight, the heroes will have to travel across different dimensions to gather their allies.

In Sinister Motives, players will be able to choose from two new playable heroes, both of which have been featured in the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Gwen Stacey and Miles Morales.

Sinister Motives expansion cards

As Ghost-Spider, Gwen Stacey - who was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker - has the ability Dizzying Reflexes, which enables her to ready up whenever the player resolves an interrupt or response ability on an event. What this means is that Ghost-Spider is able to combo into moves after resolving certain events, which can occur during the villain phase - thereby enabling her to be ready to go as soon as the next hero phase occurs. Gwen Stacey also gets access to certain allies that will aid her in battle, such as her fellow webslinger Silk.

As Spider-Man, Miles Morales has two unique abilities that players can utilise called Venom Blast and Spider Camouflage. The first ability allows the player to deal two damage and stun an enemy, whilst the second gives Spider-Man a tough status - allowing them to take more damage - and confuse an enemy, making it harder for them to attack. Miles Morales’ two abilities allow the player to set up situations where they can either deal lots of damage or get out of a tricky situation, with the character’s allies from S.H.I.E.L.D granting players further benefits.

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Marvel Champions: The Card Game sees up to four players working together to save the world from various villains from across the comic book universe. The Marvel-themed game has players choosing from a wide selection of characters from the comics including She-Hulk; Iron Man; Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, before deciding on a baddie to face-off against. Depending on who they’re fighting, the players will have to survive a barrage of attacks and threats from henchpeople, whilst attempting to get their own moves in.

As a co-op game, players are encouraged to synergise their attacks to do maximum damage, as well as support one another with buffs and healing abilities. Should a player character ever be knocked out or if the villain manages to enact their master-plan, then the players lose the game. However, if players successfully reduce the enemy’s health-points down to zero, then they win the game.

Sinister Motives is set to be released by Fantasy Flight Games - the publisher responsible for releasing Marvel Champions: The Card Game - on March 25th 2022 at a retail price of $44.99 (£33).

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