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Thanos throws down the Infinity Gauntlet in the latest campaign expansion for Marvel Champions

Losing is a snap.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game has announced the third campaign expansion, The Mad Titan’s Shadow, in which the universally threatening Thanos makes his grand and deadly appearance to the living card game.

Based in the universe of the long-running comics and theatrical powerhouse, Marvel Champions has players don the suits and capes of notable superheroes protecting the world - and often the universe - from seemingly constant threats. Each villain shows up with a specific plot the heroes must thwart before attempting to pacify them in head-on combat.

The Mad Titan’s Shadow bundles five unique scenarios into a connected campaign covering Thanos’ mission to collect all of the stones needed to power the Infinity Gauntlet and wreak his twisted concept of justice upon all creation. Players will first need to neutralize the members of the Black Order, Thanos’ loyal and elite lieutenants bent on causing as much chaos and destruction as possible along their path to the Infinity Stones.

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Speaking of which, those players who end up going toe-to-toe with the big purple guy will face a new mechanic: the Infinity Stone deck. Throughout the scenario, different stones will pop into play and impart their influence on the heroes who stand against Thanos, causing them to discard resources, confusing them and otherwise making a seemingly impossible battle that much harder.

The expansion adds two masked superheroes to the melee designed to counter such a large threat, and each boasts their own signature playstyle. Adam Warlock is a powerful mystic with a double handful of aggressive spells in his arsenal. He has been designed to tear through his deck at a rapid pace, digging for the best cards and then using recall spells to bring them back just as quickly.

In contrast, Spectrum focuses on leadership - emblematic of her once position as the head of the Avengers. She can call on other heroes in a pinch to tip the scales back towards the players’ favour or use her contacts to pour firepower into an exposed weakness for maximum impact. On her own, Spectrum can shift between three energy types - Gamma, Photon and Pulsar - that each boost one of her three stats, giving the hero a breadth of versatility that helps her react to any situation as the scenario progresses.

Like other expansions, The Mad Titan’s Shadow is modular and can be combined with other Marvel Champions sets to create interesting combinations at the table. Port over the Infinity Gauntlet deck for the sake of mayhem, or perhaps see how a different suite of crusaders fare against the Black Order’s scenarios.

The Mad Titan’s Shadow is available for pre-order on publisher Fantasy Flight Game’s website now for $40 (£28), with release and retail availability starting in August.

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