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Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe is part comic book, part playable RPG adventure

Ahead of new movie Deadpool & Wolverine.

Image credit: Marvel

The Marvel Multiverse RPG is getting a new Deadpool-starring expansion contained in a comic book, with the comic strip leading right into the playable adventure.

Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe combines a typically meta story by Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe writer Cullen Bunn and art from Mike Shelfer with a one-shot scenario that similarly plays with the fourth wall - or smashes it entirely.

The adventure - the first such comic-sized supplement released for the superhero RPG - can be tackled as players’ own superheroes made with Marvel Multiverse or as Deadpool and companions using a set of included pre-generated characters.

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Marvel Multiverse was released last summer, following an early playtest set of designer Matt Forbeck's rules that introduced guidance for creating Avengers-like characters and the original d616 dice system used to resolve tests - named after the Marvel dimension home to the majority of the comic-book stories.

The core rulebook is set to be expanded by upcoming supplements focused on the X-Men and delving deeper into the Spider-Verse, along with a recently-released campaign centred around galactic baddie Kang the Conquerer. The RPG has also been adapted for digital roleplaying platform Roll20, allowing it to be played online.

Image credit: Marvel

"There’s so much to cover in the Marvel Multiverse, spanning more than eighty years of history," Forbeck recently told Dicebreaker about future plans for Marvel Multiverse. "We’re planning to build out not just the profiles and sourcebook material, but also the mechanics. We didn’t want to get too heavy into equipment or vehicles, for instance, in the main book, as we thought that would alter the focus of the game a bit, but we want to give players all sorts of options for including things like that in the future."

Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe #1 - implying that we might see subsequent entries in the run of hybrid comic-adventures - will be released on July 17th, a few weeks before new Deadpool movie Deadpool & Wolverine hits cinemas on July 26th.

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