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Digital version of Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game releases on Roll20 today

Super heroic support.

A promo image for Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Roll20
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The new Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game is releasing on Roll20 today.

Roll20 is a digital platform designed to help tabletop roleplaying game players to run and play their own games, regardless of where they are. The platform features various tools – including map-building, voice and video call hosting and character creation tools – intended to enable players and game masters to remotely connect via TRPGs and play together.

The newly released Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game is a tabletop RPG that allows players to create and control their own superheroes or villains within the world of the Marvel comic book universe. Based on a gameplay system that ultilises three d6s, players can either make their own original characters – choosing from a variety of abilities and backgrounds – or can take control of one of several iconic characters from across the comic book universe: including Spider-Man, Black Widow and members of the Fantastic Four.

A promo image for Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Roll20
Image credit: Marvel, Roll20

Though the physical core rulebook for the superhero RPG was released back in June, a digital version is now available to purchase for Roll20. With the Roll20 version of the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, game masters will be able to access the various rules, ideas and information needed to create and/or run a campaign. GMs will be able create maps via its digital interface, as well as non-player characters, and drag-and-drop elements like tokens directly into their map.

With the Roll20 version of the Marvel TRPG, players can create their characters directly through the platform – dropping elements like abilities right into the character sheet. During play, GMs and players can chat via text or voice/video, as well as move their characters across the map, activate abilities – with Roll20 doing all the dice rolling calculations itself - and edit characters through the Roll20 interface.

A new adventure custom designed for Roll20, called Revenge of the Super-Skrull, is now available for players to experience. The adventure has players working together to prevent a bank robbery and another potential Skrull invasion, with the players needing to be wary of who may or may not be a Skrull. Getting the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing core rulebook on Roll20 also grants players acess to a copy of The Cataclysm of Kang adventure, which focuses on the multiverse hopping villain.

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The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game was created by Matt Forbeck, who has previously designed tabletop roleplaying games such as Mutant Chronicles and Brave New World, as well as contributing to horror TRPG Deadlands and the sci-fi roleplaying game Tales from the Loop.

A free quickstart guide for Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing is available on Roll20 right now.

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