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Star Trek Adventures RPG finally lets you play as a Klingon in new core rulebook

Play of Honour.

Star Trek Adventures, the tabletop RPG based on the beloved sci-fi series, has a brand new core rulebook allowing players to officially create Klingon characters for the first time.

Set across the United Federation of Planets and the neighbouring quadrants of the galaxy, the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game sees players forming their own space-faring crew in order to explore the final frontier. Centred around the looming threat of the Dominion - a large military organisation comprising many different alien races - Star Trek Adventures enables players to become members of the Starfleet and embark on missions to aid threatened civilisations.

Powered by the 2d20 system used in several of publisher Modiphius’ RPGs, Star Trek Adventures allows GMs to create their own stories of intergalactic discovery alongside the plot included in the core rulebook. Also featured in the rulebook is further backstory on the different cultures living across the United Federation of Planets and the various other quadrants.

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Despite being a major race in the galaxy and presence in various Star Trek TV series and films since their introduction in 1967 Original Series episode Errand of Mercy, Star Trek Adventures has only previously included the Klingon - a culture of people who honour tradition and bravery - as an optional NPC race and not as a playable one.

With the release of upcoming RPG rulebook, Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire, players are finally able to create their own Klingon characters and parties during any era of Star Trek. Modiphius claimed the rulebook allows players to experience a “dedicated Klingon roleplaying game” for the first time in over 30 years.

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The 400-page book, which is said to be similar in terms of rules to the original Star Trek Adventures but revised to focus on Klingon culture and society, features guidelines on how to play a Klingon and design a campaign based around them. Also included is an introductory adventure for game masters and players that want to form their own Klingon warship. Outside of its Klingon-specific content, the book features minor updates and improvements to the core rules to streamline the experience.

Other than publishing Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius is responsible for releasing titles such as fantasy RPG Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed and this year’s roleplaying adaptation of the Dishonored video game series.

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The publisher is currently working on an RPG adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel, Dune. The creative team behind Dune: Adventures in the Imperium includes Harlem Unbound creator Chris Spivey, Star Trek Adventures designer Nathan Dowdell and the co-designer of Dungeon World, Adam Koebe.

The Klingon Empire core rulebook for Star Trek Adventures is available in digital PDF right now, with the release of an expanded physical edition planned for the future.

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