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Star Trek Adventures RPG bundle offers core rules, TNG and TOS expansions, and playable Klingons for £25

To boldly roll.

Humble Bundle’s latest RPG collection is offering dozens of Star Trek Adventures books, including the game’s core rulebook and expansions based on the TV show’s most popular series, for a major discount.

The Star Trek Adventures bundle brings together over 30 books, supplements and accessories for Modiphius’ tabletop adaptation of the legendary sci-fi universe.

Included in the bundle is Star Trek Adventures’ core rulebook, Game Master’s Guide and Player’s Guide, as well as a starter set containing pre-made characters and a short introductory adventure. Accessories such as a GM screen and map tiles are also featured.

The core books are joined by a number of supplements, adventure collections and sourcebooks, including the Klingon Empire core rulebook and Gamemaster Toolkit, which allow players to create playable characters belonging to the faction of alien warriors.

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Also included in the complete collection are expansions based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine and The Original Series that adapt the series’ familiar characters - including Picard, Riker, Kirk and Spock - for use in the tabletop RPG, alongside additional playable species from the shows.

£25.34 is required to pick up the entire Star Trek Adventures Humble Bundle, said to be worth £387.51, with the minimum pay-what-you-want price of 84p getting you just the starter set and a tie-in for the IDW Star Trek comics series. The bundle will be available until August 11th.

Like all Humble Bundles, a portion of proceeds will go towards charity - in this case, African conservation organisation National Park Rescue. The default split favours the publisher and Humble itself, with buyers able to change the percentages under the ‘Adjust Donation’ tab.

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