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Star Trek Adventures’ Second Edition adds playable Klingons, Romulans and Strange New Worlds this summer

Boldly roll where you’ve gone before.

Image credit: Modiphius

Star Trek Adventures, the tabletop RPG set in the universe of the venerable sci-fi series, will release its second edition this summer. A refreshed core rulebook themed around recent The Original Series prequel show Strange New Worlds will polish up the game’s 2d20 system, as well as introducing expanded character creation options, while staying compatible with older supplements.

Star Trek Adventures first released back in 2017 as the latest tabletop adaptation of the long-running science-fiction franchise. Powered by publisher Modiphius’ twin d20 gameplay rather than the likes of Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s d20 system, Adventures sought to put players in the cockpit of Kirk, Picard and other Starfleet captains and officers as they explored strange new worlds and encountered new life and new civilisations.

In the seven years since, Star Trek Adventures has seen the release of supplements and campaigns inspired by the many iterations of Star Trek, from The Original Series and The Next Generation through to animated adult comedy Lower Decks.

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Those expansions have also included the release of dedicated rules for solo roleplaying in last year’s Captain’s Log and a separate core rulebook dedicated to making Klingons a playable species, with the original rulebook having relegated the faction of tradition-upholding warriors to NPCs. At the time, Modiphius claimed that The Klingon Empire marked the first time a dedicated Klingon tabletop RPG had been available in over three decades.

Klingons will see an even greater presence in Star Trek Adventures: Second Edition, with the species confirmed to be an option during character creation in the new core rulebook. Joining them will be Romulans, who were similarly included in a basic form in the first-edition rules rather than offering a fully fleshed-out playable option for players. Modiphius said that “other [species] present across the franchise” would also make an appearance in the second-edition rules, expanding further beyond the original RPG’s focus on Starfleet.

“Since Star Trek presented a diverse setting from the very beginning, I felt it important the core rulebook present a more diverse spread of character possibilities beyond just the Federation,” said project manager Jim Johnson. “You’ll see a selection of fully playable non-Federation species in the core, expanding your group’s gameplay possibilities right from the start.”

Image credit: Modiphius

The new core rulebook will be based on recent TV series Strange New Worlds - a prequel story following Captain Christopher Pike, his Number One Una Chin-Riley and Spock from The Original Series in the decade before Kirk took the helm of the USS Enterprise - with artwork inspired by the latest addition to the setting.

Star Trek Adventures’ Second Edition core rulebook will release at US convention Gen Con at the beginning of August, with a starter set planned to follow this autumn. The second-edition rules will support supplements and expansions released for the first edition, with Modiphius confirming its plans for more expansions in the future - including books based on Strange New Worlds and kids’ cartoon Star Trek: Prodigy.

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