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Star Trek Adventures lets you boldly go solo with new Captain’s Log RPG supplement

Solo, not Sulu.

A new addition to the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG allows players to explore the universe from the captain’s seat all on their lonesome. The Captain’s Log adapts the rules of the base game into a “streamlined version” suitable for solo play or collaborative adventures.

Publisher Modiphius announced the supplement on July 11th, saying the 326-page rulebook adapts their licensed RPG’s mechanics into a story-driven experience that can focus the camera on characters big and small within the Star Trek’s science fiction world. Better yet, the book is a standalone creation and won’t necessitate also buying the other core titles in order to play.

Players will begin by creating their own character, portraying them as a noble and stalwart StarFleet captain or another, more unassuming member of the crew. The important thing is that the story will focus on their exploits and individual goals, bringing a sense of adventure and wonder along with them.

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These stories can play out in any era of Star Trek’s established timeline, and with any starship and crew makeup. Characters will have explicit lifepaths and roles that define their place within the crew, but how they react to the types of situations you might find in an episode of Star Trek is up to the player.

Mudiphius’ in-house 2D20 ruleset - seen in Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and Achtung! Cthulhu - will power the roleplay, using a pair of 20-sided dice to resolve most conflicts and altercations. The book will also contain a cultural primer on the universe of Star Trek and its eclectic cast of alien species. Over 100 included random tables give those with less experience playing tabletop RPGs by themselves plenty of tools for greasing the wheels of imagination - mission themes, how to spend downtime, alien worlds and navigating the friction when worlds and cultures collide.

Though the book is designed for solo play, additional rules will outline how to explore the cosmos with a friend or alongside a facilitator hosting and guiding the events at the table. Fans can choose amongst four special covers inspired by Star Trek’s major eras - original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine & Voyager and Discovery all come with their own distinct cover designs.

Pre-orders for The Captain’s Log are now open on Modiphius’ website, and the publisher said digital PDFs will be available immediately upon purchase. The physical books will begin shipping online orders in August - expect to see it pop up in local game stores at the same time.

Variant covers for The Captain's Log supplement from Star Trek Adventures.

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