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Star Wars: Unlimited will release the core set for its Light vs Dark trading card game in early 2024

March the 8th be with you. Wait a minute…

Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games/Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Unlimited announced a release date of March 8th, 2024 for the core set of its upcoming trading card game, which turns the ultra popular science fantasy universe of Jedi, Sith and a galaxy far, far away into a competitive cardboard battler.

Spark of Rebellion will introduce players to the gameplay and look of Star Wars: Unlimited, which borrows from the now defunct Star Wars: Destiny dice game and Magic: The Gathering’s dominant Commander multiplayer format. The set will launch in all major retailers and hobby shoppes, according to an email from tabletop publishing giant Asmodee.

Players will enjoy a fairly standard launch experience when compared to other big, successful TCGs. Star Wars: Unlimited previously said it would invest hard in organised scenes and competitive league play and has created both prerelease kits and several different booster pack prize products that local game stores can use to jumpstart their own active community of players.

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A starter kit containing two preconstructed decks of 50 cards will also be offered to new players or those wishing to introduce a friend either to the genre fiction behemoth of Star Wars via a competitive TCG or card games through their knowledge of the Outer Rim, Bigger Luke and whatever the heck a Grand Moff is supposed to be. While nothing fancy, it shows that publisher Fantasy Flight Games commits to both ends of the player spectrum with their newest tabletop title.

We managed to play quite a bit of Star Wars: Unlimited throughout 2023 and came away concerned that a solid and well-designed core system just won’t be able to find enough light in a crowded canopy of competitors. Disney Lorcana’s explosive success since launching in December isn’t slowing down as it heads towards the release of a second set in Rise of the Floodborn, but difficulty keeping product on shelves and a withering organised scene may give Star Wars: Unlimited the niche it needs to survive next year’s release.

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